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Why Use EvaCup

Well, ladies you never have to stress about your period again because with the EvaCup you’ll feel cool, calm, confident and every bit the empowered woman that you are. EvaCup is a clever little feminine product every woman needs to handle her period like a pro. So say so long to inconvenient tampons and pads because with the menstrual cup, you can kick all those period worries to the curb.

Safe to Use

Tampons absorb more than just menstrual fluid, leaving the vagina dry and uncomfortable. Pads can be worse, by creating excess moisture in the genital region, resulting in yeast infections and bad odors. EvaCup simply collects the fluids being discharged without causing any damage.

Comfort is Key

The EvaCup is extremely comfortable to use. Its smooth soft edges make inserting it into place quick and simple. It allows you to take on any challenge thrown your way without any discomfort.


The EvaCup can hold 20ml - 30ml of liquid and you’ll only need to empty it 2-4 times a day, depending on your flow. It can be used up to 12 hours continuously, which is much longer than a sanitary pad or tampon would last. As a result, you can visit the restroom whenever you need to.

Long life advantages
Menstrual cups like the EvaCup have many advantages due to their long life, which is about 10 years. 

Economical – Every time you get your period, you spend money on tampons and pads, but with EvaCup you’ll be making a long term investment that will save you a whole load of money. All you need to do is take good care of the cup.

Availability – Run out of tampons? Swear there was a pad around somewhere? We’ve all been there. But thanks to the EvaCup you’ll always have leakage protection during that time of the month.

Save the Environment – You don’t have to discard the EvaCup after use, simply wash and reuse. This cuts down on waste and pollution.

No Sewer Blockage – It doesn’t affect the plumbing, because you only flush away its contents. So, there are no worries about blocking drainage or creating a backflow of sewage.

No Embracing Odor
Menstrual fluids never get exposed into the air with EvaCup. This prevents period smell from getting out and mingling around you. So, no need to worry about leaving an odorous trail when you are with company!
Let’s you do what you Love
It’s always that time of the month when you have to give up the activities you enjoy most. It’s inconvenient to run, swim, travel or even have fun during your period. But with the EvaCup you can have all the things that you’d normally give up on your period.

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