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How to use EvaCup

Using a menstrual cup during your period is absolutely fabulous. It’s simple, painless and convenient for women who have an active life and need to be on the go.

If you haven’t used a menstrual cup before, the whole process can be daunting in the beginning. You’ll turn into a pro with the EvaCup after a few tries and soon it will be as effortless as using a tampon or pad. Plus, you only have to replace it twice a day since it can be used for up to 12 hours.

Here have a simple step-by-step guide on how to use the EvaCup. 

Step-1: Sterilize the Unit 
Wash the cup with water and a mild soap, then boil it in a pot of water for about 20 minutes before using it for the first time. 

Step-2: Wash Your Hands 
Make sure you wash your hands before using the unit. Cleanliness is key for the safe use of any menstrual cup. Use a mild soap again. You could try using water or a water-based lubricant over the unit to help you insert it. 

Step-3: Fold 

There are different ways to fold the EvaCup, see which one you feel most comfortable with.

This is the ‘C’ or ‘U’ fold. Simply fold the cup in half, length ways to for a ‘C’ or ‘U’.

This fold requires you to hold the top of the cup and push down on its mid-section, to form a triangle shape with the unit. This should help you make the rim smaller. 

Step-4: Hold 
Firmly grip the EvaCup with your thumb and forefinger. Ensure the stem is toward your palm and the opening facing you. 

Step-5: Insert and Rotate 
To insert the EvaCup, relax your muscles and spread your legs. You could sit, squat or stand whatever is comfortable for you. Spread your labia with the other hand to help you conveniently ease in the unit. The cup will sit lower than a tampon would in your vagina. Help the cup open up by rotating it in the vagina. Do one full rotation to be sure it opens completely. 

Step-6: Removal 
Before you remove the unit, wash your hands. Gently, pull the stem of the EvaCup till you can reach its base. Break the seal by pinching the base.The moment you feel the suction release, while holding the base, use a slow side-to-side motion to dislodge the unit.

Step-7: Clean 
Empty the contents into the toilet or sink. Wash the EvaCup thoroughly with warm water and scent-free soap before reusing.

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