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EvaCup Size Selection

EvaCup is simple and easy to use. The whole reason for its invention is to benefit women battling period related problems like heavy flow, period stains, discomfort, self-consciousness and menstrual odor. This remarkable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons makes menstruation a more manageable.
Making it perfect for every woman and girl on her period. However, there is a little consideration that needs to go into selecting an EvaCup that’s right for you.
EvaCup Sizes
EvaCup comes in 2 different sizes, because every woman is different and has different needs.

Size 1 - Small – For Women Before Childbirth:
This size is meant for women under 30 and those who haven’t given birth vaginally or by C-section.

 Length: 1.96”
Diameter: 1.65”
Capacity: 25 ml
Stem: 0.47”

Size 2 - Large – For Women After Childbirth:
This size should work for women above 30 and those who have delivered vaginally or via C-section. Because over time our muscles lose their elasticity and the pelvic floor becomes weak, which is also a result of childbirth, making it difficult for the muscles to contract around and hold a smaller cup.

Length: 2.24”
Diameter: 1.77”
Capacity: 30 ml
Stem: 0.47”

Factors Affecting Cup Size
Some women over 30 may have strong muscles in the pelvic floor, allowing them to wear a small size cup. For others, any size cup will do because their vaginas are capable of accommodating either and usually their cervix is at an average height - not too high and not too low. If your cervix is high, you will need the size large EvaCup. On the other hand, if your cervix is low, you can use the size small.
Another factor that will affect your menstrual cup choice is the flow you experience. The average amount of menstrual fluid that exits the body is 1 – 4 Oz, making the small cup suitable in this case.
If you still can’t figure out what size would suit you best, try both to see which one makes you feel the most comfortable. If both seem fine then you can use the size large at the start of your period when the flow is heavy and the size small during lighter flow days towards the end of your period.
There is no wrong choice you can make with EvaCup. You just need to be willing to try.

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