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EvaCup is made of medical grade silicone and manufactured in the USA. It's designed, developed and produced by Anigan Inc. The EvaCup was made to provide an alternative product for women during their menstrual cycle. The EvaCup reduces waste to create a greener world. In fact, women need to spend continuously on tampons/pads, but a menstrual cup can last at least ten years. You would only have to spend once in years on menstrual products, while if you use pads/tampons, you would spend monthly.

We hope that you find our cup useful, and that we have managed to give you a cleaner, more convenient life! 

The name EvaCup comes from the meaning of Eva, "full of life". We want every woman using EvaCup during their menstrual cycle to be blessed and filled with life! 

WHY EvaCup?
♥ Great quality for an affordable price
♥ Special design with firmer rim and softer bottom; easy to insert and can't feel a thing after inserted
♥ Comfort, clean and convenient!
♥ Exercise with confidence
♥ Sleep worry-free
♥ Save money from buying pads or tampons
♥ Greener environment
♥ Solid grip for easy removal
♥ Perfect harness to prevent leakage
♥ Great for every occasion during your menstrual cycle

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